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Isleworth, London. The “Golden Mile” stretches for, funnily enough, a mile. Home to mucho industry, this area houses  a rather prominent and proud building, perhaps one of my favorites architecturally; the Gillette Factory. Its been closed a few years now, slowly undergoing development into a proposed hotel complex. The awesome Neon clock burns into the face of the brick tower, the part of this large razor shaped building that represents a handle. Its a chunky, stylish but tasteful thing which despite no longer holding any machinery or interesting artifacts, offers nice roofs, huge atmospheric open floors and the clock tower/turret itself. To appreciate the different aspects of the site, 1 day visit and 1 night visit were required. Having seen only 1 explorer conquer it 2 years ago, i deemed it either too far along the redevelopment proccess, or watertight with security. I was happy to find that it was laughably easy! I visited with Danny and Brad in the day, and at the time new explorer on the scene Gina (a woman shock horror – we all become excited) for the night time expedition.

My section of the building that does it for me is the central roof…

…as you can see there is a sudden contrast between the brick building surrounding it, and the geometric metal prisms. These were meant to represent the blades of a razor according to our good friend and architect Sir Banister F. Fletcher.

Climbing the clock tower takes you through a series of small rooms and stairs, including the clock mechanism room and then the clock turret itself…

The internal situation is to some degree an urbex exception. There is nothing exciting about a room in an abandoned building that is stripped bare. However the sheer size of the empty floor space in this building is incredible, something worth investing a photo or 2 in…

This finally left our day expedition lacking one more section. The actual production centre, a more modern seperate building towards the back of the site. We darted across and with a pull of a metal cover we found ourselves here…

After 2 shots around here, a light turns on behind me. Uh oh. 2 voices from a small room behind. People were coming in! I knew this was unused as all the machinery was removed (the reason for closure was that production moved to Poland) but it still had a live feel to it. i managed to dart round the corner, grab the others and we took refuge in a small closet type space. We returned when the coast was clear, to move upstairs to the canteen. Spotless, and very eerie…

Top exploring, and good work team.


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